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Paste any tumblr blog post link and hit GO. Try this one, for example. Here are some tumblr posts with videos and audios.

Download videos from tumblr social network

Tumblr is a huge and popular social network mostly millennials and other teens exchange different photos, animated gifs, videos and audios by commenting on them, liking & reposting them. It's cool to be a dark hater on tumblr.. Or is it in the past already? I don't know, I can't really follow all these youthful fads.. But I do know how to extract any video or audio from any tumblr post, or any blog that's hosted by tumblr, or any video collection... Any media, as long as it is embedded in post that is handled by tumblr - I can help you download audio and video from that post. So... Check it out.. My site can do many awesome things.. It is basically an online media downloader, since any video or audio can be embedded into tumblr posts.. But TV.D is TumblrVideo.Download so... We (me and my site) pretend to only work with tumblr, since it has barely any rules on video sharing and downloading.. Tumblr is the jungle..

Download tumblr videos

TV.D can help download any tumblr video to your device in seconds. All we need is a video post URL to get started. Read below how to copy tumblr post link.

Download tumblr audios

If you haven't noticed, tumblr is full of posts with audio recordings. Easy download audio from tumblr posts with my site, sometimes that audio will even be video..

Save any media embeds

No matter if embedded media is hosted by tumblr or some other social network or video site, we can help download & save that media. As long as it's in a tumblr blog post - download video and audio.

Super fast, secure downloads

We don't play around, we have a useful tool here, no popups or distractions, only a tumblr video downloader at its best. Downloads are super fast & secure. Try it out, you have nothing to lose.

How to use TVD to save tumblr videos?

Here's how to use to use my website in 3 simple steps, explained more detialed below (for the confusing step of getting the URL of some tumblr post with video or audio):

  • Step 1. Find tumblr video you'd like to download. Copy the post link from your browser or app.
  • Step 2. Open my site, paste video URL you copied into the white box and hit GO button & wait.
  • Step 3. New page shows many download options, select one or few and download tumblr video.

How to copy tumblr post link (URL address)?

Well, if you are reading this - then you are serious about downloading any tumblr embedded videos and audios.. So I will pass on to you my big secret on how to easily copy tymblr post video link. The illustration below shows it very well. Here's what you need to do: find share icon that looks like paper airplane right on any tumblr post, video or audio - doesn't matter, they are all supposed to be share and reshared, so all of them have this little paper plane - tumblrs interpretation of share icon. So all you gotta do is hit that icon and in the new menu select Copy Link. That's what I did, and having copied the link (into clipboard), I went back to TV.D and pasted the link and hit GO, and was downloading the video 10 seconds after finding it.

how to copy tumblr post video link

You can copy post link from share button.. Or you can just copy the URL from your browser address bar. Right-Click + Copy for desktop, Tap address bar & select Copy for mobile devices..

Download tumblr videos faster with bookmark

This bookmark will help if you like to and often save tumblr videos to your desktop or laptop. It's not really useful on a smartphone, because of the way bookmarks are set up there, - it basically takes longer to reach this bookmark than it takes to copy and paste video URL. Yes, you guessed it, this bookmark is only needed to avoid the process of copying and pasting the video URL address. And it only works if you're accessing tumblr with any internet browser. It won't help if you're using the app..

Download from tumblr

If you are like me and download lots of videos from tumblr blogs, - use this bookmark. Simply drag and drop it to your browser bookmarks area (save it, not this page but rather this button). Next time you find yourself browsing tumblr for fresh videos - hit this button when you find that video to download.. You will see how easy it becomes, you don't even need to copy video URL, just hit the bookmark and all the download options are right in front of you. Try it out, it's safe. If you don't like it - delete from bookmarks later.